The Right to Choose is not our Right Anymore

Dalianny Corporan

Women protesting the overturning of Roe v Wade

When Roe v Wade got overturned it was all over the internet. Many women were disappointed, but at the same time they were not surprised at all.

“I’m not surprised about this, but I’m really scared about where this country is going,” a Delaware resident Rosalí Corporan said.  

A  woman’s right to choose started with a Jane Roe case in 1970 and supreme court decided in 1973 to only allow women to get an abortion during the first trimester and if the woman’s life was at high risk before 24 weeks and the fetus is considered viable. Later in 1993, the courts expanded the law and declared a woman could and if there was an “undue burden” as her choice. It became a federal law of protection for women’s lives that is now gone.

Now up to 22 states have banned abortions in post the overturning. 

Delawareans are lucky enough to not be in a vulnerable position because they live in a State where abortion is still protected under law. The writer lives in a safe, small town with a stable, nuclear family. “I don’t worry about the possibility of being homeless, and I don’t have to work and risk being in a dangerous environment. I think about the women, girls, and queer people that cannot say the same.” 

Many conservatives claim to be “pro-life” when they ignore the fact that this ban will hurt and risk their lives. A great TikTok starring Nev Schulman from MTV’s Catfish called out far-right conservatives who claim “pro-choice” people as “pro-killing babies” and Schulman states the real-life cases of women and girls who needed to get an abortion. 

Rights to contraception are now in danger as well. Some States such as Missouri want to ban birth control altogether. 

Many don’t only not consider the women being affected, but of the transgender and nonbinary people as well. 

Women have historically been defined and belittled to their body parts. Many people don’t know that words such as “female” by definition reduces women to their reproduction system. When they say “the future is female” the phrase is not as empowering as it seems. Even the way people use the word “vagina” is wrong when the correct term for the anatomy is “vulva” outside of the reproductive system. 

Girls and women in society are told and conditioned to “cover up” to not provoke men and don’t even consider their actions to be predatory and horrific but expected. 

“I should not have to live in a world where I feel scared because of men who can’t control themselves,” Delaware State University student Christina Spraggins said. “I should be able to feel safe in the world I was born in.”

Many women in front of the Supreme Court are happy while others are distraught by the overturning of Roe v Wade.
Photo by: Jose Luis Magana

Now Supreme Court judges want to overrule gay marriage. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has been a big proponent for outlawing abortions after he voted to overturn Roe v Wade. Let’s not forget the heinous sexual harassment allegations Anita Hill claimed against him as his assistant secretary in 1991 with atrocious evidence. It started a conversation on sexual harassment in a time when it was so taboo for women to speak out. 

The healthcare system is already harder on marginalized communities, especially women of color. The Federal system is changing and evolving, and many say it is changing for worst while others say it is changing for the better. One thing we know for sure is that it is changing the fate of the American people.

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