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The Battles Begin: Freshman Election Season Is Here

Timanie Mills

As we come into the new school year, we have established our student leaders for sophomores, juniors and even seniors. It’s time for the freshmen to shine; Student Government Association and Royal Court are looking for their new freshman student leaders. Positions like Freshman Class President, Freshman Class Vice President, Freshman Class Corresponding Secretary, Freshman Class Recording Secretary, Freshman Class Treasurer, Mister Freshman and Miss Freshman are up for election. Coming into the world of student leadership is not easy and being a freshman adjusting to this fast-paced environment is another.

Mister Delaware State University (Jonte Simmons) , Miss Delaware State University (Bralyn Tia Page), SGA President (David Hawkins), SGA Vice President (Jordan Spencer)

On Thursday, September 8th, 2022; The Resurrection Administration hosted freshmen speech night where all candidates had the chance to show their class and the upperclassmen why the student body should vote for them. Each candidate had amazing speeches and campaigns. Blair Daniels, a junior majoring in Kinesiology said that “The freshmen is really going all out bringing their a-game, I can’t wait to see what they have going on for the rest of the week.”, Freshmen campaign week is one of the most exciting part of the year. 

During freshmen campaign week, candidates are expected to go around to hang up flyers, speak to students, have table where they can explain their platform to peers and gain votes. Though, during this campaign only freshmen can vote, it is still good that these candidates are expanding their horizon to upperclassmen to show them that next year they are ready for the big leagues. 

We love to see who wins and brings their A-game for election season. We wish good luck to all the candidates.

Glendon Harmon for Mister Freshmen

Meikha Quintyne for Mister Freshmen

Asia Stanley for Miss Freshmen

Joyce Kasiama for Miss Freshmen

Brigitte Kamga for Freshmen Class President

Brandon Popular for Freshmen Class President

Kahlice Bostick for Freshmen Class Vice President

Blanca Abelino for Freshmen Class Vice President

Jemimah Ndi for Freshmen Class Corresponding Secretary

Sydney Brown for Freshmen Class Corresponding Secretary

Naja Stokes for Freshmen Class Recording Secretary

Celine Trombi for Freshmen Class Treasurer

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