College of Business Holds Welcome Barbecue

Rayven Woodson

The College of Business welcomes first-year students with a barbecue. The event occurred outside the Bank of America Building today at noon, and students and faculty were in attendance. The event allowed first-year students to mingle with returning students and faculty. They also have a chance to join organizations.

Troy Farmer, Director of The Garage, and Lillie Crawford, Director of Delaware Center for Enterprise Development

“This was just an opportunity to get all of our new freshmen to meet the returning students, the faculty, the staff and just have some fun before they really get into their studies,” said Ms. Hughes, the assistant dean for the college of business. The event had food, music, a henna tattoo artist, and many outdoor games so students could interact with each other.

Students near giant connect four game.

“The barbecue has been a great chance for me to meet new people and just have fun..” said a student who doesn’t want to be identified.

This is the third year the College of Business has thrown this event. It is a way to break the ice among new students, old students. and the faculty.

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