DSU Student Government Association Hosts The Student Organization Fair

Kiaira L Wheeler

On Tuesday, September 1st, 2022 The Student Government Association hosted a Student Org Fair as our first school event for the first week of school. The Student Org. Fair is a terrific way for students to join organizations and choose which ones they want to join, as well as a good way to network. The goal of organizing this event is for students to break out of their comfort zone and establish a name for themselves to develop leadership skills and exhibit their potential.

Many individuals showed up, demonstrating that students were ready to learn about different organizations and were interested to become a members. The org. fair highlighted different orgs that participated, which were the Women Senate, National Honor Society Collegiate, DSU Curve, Fairy God Sisters and Brothers, Desu Radio “The Nest,” Men of Color Alliance, The National Council of Negro Women, Criminal Justice Org, and many more student groups. Not only was this event memorable, but there were also music, food, and beverages, as well as students socializing and making college memories with their friends.

There were raffles and games designed by several organizations allowing students to win prizes while also having fun. I was a part of the student org fair as I am the vice president of social media and corresponding secretary for the National Honor Society Collegiate.

I have the opportunity to talk to students about the benefits and opportunities that my organization can provide for their success. I got the opportunity not only to speak with them, but also to interact with them. Students spoke up to me about what they wanted to do after college, and I was quite impressed to hear their objectives and the areas they wanted to better while in college. I understand that the importance of starting a student group is for students to identify the areas they need to focus on and for guidance to assist them succeed.

Having a student organization fair allows students to not only improve their network but also to build connection and stand out. The purpose of student organizations is to teach students that leadership is crucial and that having leadership can get you into any opportunities on campus. The purpose of engaging in a student group is to persuade someone who wants to learn new things how it will benefit them in the long run. For example, joining the National Honor Society of Collegiate is a terrific way to get started in our program and learn how to construct a strong resume, interview skills, and acquire a mentor to help you get on the right track.

Several student organizations participate in community service because they believe in giving back to the community and teaching students the value of making the society a better place. Student Organizations are responsible for promoting major movements that people should be aware of. They commemorate breast cancer awareness month, donate to a school drive, and many other events. The student organizations’ objectives involve community service because they encourage students to invest in their great deal of research as prospective leaders in the global community.

I was fortunate to interview two sophomore students, DessiRae Ingram and Tatiana Bowling, who attended the student organization fair and told me about their experiences. DessiRae Ingram described how visiting the org expo was a fantastic experience. According to Ms. Ingram, “the student organization fair was equitable and educational.” I learned a lot about a few of sororities as well as the NCNW organization. I also loved the music they performed.”

Ingram also expressed an interest in joining The National Council of Negro Women. “I’m interested in joining the NCNW Organization,” said Ingram. I like the community service they provide, as well as their sisterhood and sister bonding events.” Ingram also explained to me why kids might consider attending an org fair. “I think the org fair is a fantastic chance for folks to get out of their shell, meet new people, get engaged on campus, and see all of the options that our HBCU has for us,” said Ingram.

“I had a nice time at the org. fair; there were a lot of fascinating ways to become involved and all of the orgs were really helpful giving us information to learn about the groups,” Ms.Bowling said. She noted how being a part of the student organization has had a significant influence on her not just as a student, but also as an African American woman. She also described how the people she met at the org fair were extremely kind, and she hopes to become a part of the org in the near future. “I’m interested in NCNW because I want to get involved in community service.” They can join and come together for good reasons like community service through NCNW.”

“Students should want to be active because it allows them to meet new people, discover new possibilities, and further their careers,” Ms.Bowling added. Ms. Bowling also expressed her desire to one day start her own student group since she feels she can help build unity. She hopes that her organization will teach young women how to be self-sufficient and empower one another.

Overall, the org. fair was an excellent chance for students on campus to learn more about the orgs on campus, opportunities to get involved, and network with individuals. Individuals’ cultures were also studied. I believe the org. fair will have a significant influence next year, and people should consider being involved in an org. since this is not only a method to get your name out there, but also to let others know who you are and what you can bring to the table to help the organization become known.

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