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Delaware State University Shooting

Sabree Primus

Early September 3, 2022 there was a shooting reported in front of the Delaware State University Wellness Center, resulting in 2 fellow hornets being rushed to the ER.

The shooting took place around 2am Saturday morning, police officers believe it to be a part of a robbery. Once the robbery went left, gun shots went off, ultimately shooting 4 people in total.

DSU Public Safety was notified immediately, and arrived at the scene along with a few Dover Police officers. All those injured during the altercation were rushed to Bay Health Kent County Hospital.

Many of the students and parents at Delaware State University are still in shock and question the campus’s safety. In a forum held September 6, 2022, Dr. Tony Allen ensured families that DSU will be “tightening up on security”. He also gave a brief update on the DSU students involved in the shooting saying “they are doing much better now.”

DSU and Dover officials have not figured out who is at fault for the shooting but have made it clear that justice will be served.

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