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With DSU Org Fair “Students Get Outside, Get Active, and Get Involved. “

Destinee Brinkley

On Thursday, September 1st, Delaware State held its annual organization fair. This event, held right outside of the Martin Luther King student center, is one of many events students at the university look forward to. Events such as this give students the opportunity to get outside, get active and get involved. More than 15 organizations came out and showcased the many benefits students can gain from joining their organization. From curls and coils to basketball, the org fair has it all.

Events, such as this one , reminds Nia Coles, a senior and 1st Vice President of The DSU’s Section of NCNW, how she was in the same position just over 4 years ago. “As a freshman, you look forward to the many opportunities college offers you”. Coming into college, you may be filled with different emotions hence why this event is vital. This event helps students find their crowd and also helps them find people just like them.Events like these help students get into leadership positions and essentially gain leadership skills.

 The DSU’s Section of NCNW is an organization whose mission is to lead, advocate, and empower women of African descent.

For other students such as Jada Overby, her mission is a bit different. According to Jada, president of DSU’s The Curve, their mission is to create unity resulting in voluptuous empowerment. This organization’s goal is to be a safe haven for not just plus size students but for students of all shapes and sizes. But also like Nia, this moment also reminds Jada of how far she has come. As a new incoming student, Jada remembers looking at the students in her position and having that drive to do what they were doing. “It’s like a full circle moment,” says Jada. 

Just by these few students’ testimonies, we see the impact and the importance of Delaware’s State Organization Fair. We understand why having these organizations show freshmen where they can be if they have the drive and determination. 

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