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DSU Organization Fair Brings Great Success

Dalianny Corporan

DOVER, DE– Delaware State University hosted its annual organization fair on Friday, September 2, 2022, from 1:00 – 5:00 pm. The fair consisted of over twenty different organizations ranging in different interests from technology, beauty, to world culture. The fair took place right outside of the Martin Luther King building at the university. The purpose of the fair was for students to find a way to engage more with the college community.

One of the many tables at the event was Delaware State University’s radio station, The Nest. The radio station, formally known as The Hive, was represented by managers senior Charles Anyanwu, sophomore Xamara Coleman, senior William Akin, and sophomore Saniya Gay. They are the new leaders of the station for the year 2022.  The radio station was at the event to promote their sports coverage, podcasts, and music variety.

“What I liked about the Org Fair was the camaraderie that the Orgs, showed and the overall great atmosphere of the event! Almost every Org that I saw was very welcoming and inviting,” senior Charles Anyanwu said. “Amidst all the commotion all the organizations at the event were very forthcoming with information regardless of whether people wanted to join their organization or not.”

The radio station hosted a Grubhub raffle and had students participate in a photo opportunity in order to submit a raffle ticket.

“The org fair was such a good opportunity for orgs to re-emerge in this new year of revival! We saw a lot of old and new faces,” Coleman said. “It was exciting to see so many students active in participating in one of DSU’s best gems: its orgs. The opportunity to interview both the students and leaders was definitely worth the time. Shout out DESU-Radio for all our hard work!”

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