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A New Era of “Resurrection” – Timanie S Mills

Student Government at Delaware State University has always had a great effect on student life and engagement. This year’s administration is The Resurrection, and they are ready to revamp Delaware State University. In an interview with interviewing the E-Board to get insight on how they feel about their administration and what makes the resurrection different from SGA Boards? The administration answered by saying “Every Administration has a particular vision and perspective on how to serve the student body here at Delaware State. As the Resurrection Administration, our goal is to resurrect and revamp what Delaware State once was and bring it back to life just as before Covid. Rejuvenating the Sting, advocating the student body on a day and day basis, and showcasing true hornet pride.” 

Student Government Association at Delaware State University Football Game Against Lincoln University

Every administration has its unique essence to relate to the student body. Resurrection has plans to elevate Delaware State and these include “working closely with the office of facilities and getting all residential halls upgraded renovated and upgraded to higher standards.” They also mention plans of implementing a financial literacy course within the school’s curriculum they plan to call it the “Money Matters Program”.

 Every school has its issues, Delaware State’s main issues involve student safety, dinning issues and housing concerns. All these issues, that the new administration plans to address.

 We know that it’s always business when it comes to student government; we asked the administration what some of the fun things are planned that the students should expect from the board in the upcoming school year. They responded with “Hornet unity, quality, and fun events to not only represent the student body but for our university school spirit. Effective collaboration with alumni association, campus activities board, and just excited to revitalize Delaware State to new heights.”

David Hawkins
SGA President
Classification: Senior
Major: Financial Economics
Hometown: Wilmington, Delaware
Jordan Spencer
SGA Vice President
Classification: Senior
Major: Forensic Biology
Hometown: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Rakheti Garrett-Mills
SGA Corresponding Secretary
Classification: Senior
Major: Biological Science
Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Rashaad Lathern
SGA Recording Secretary 
Classification: Senior
Major: Mass Communications
Hometown: Prince George’s County, Maryland
Rita Williams
SGA Treasurer
Classification: Senior
Major: Social Work
Hometown: Newark, New Jersey

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