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Two Students Injured At Delaware State University Campus.

Rayven Woodson

A shooting occurred early last Saturday on the campus of Delaware State University in Dover, near the Wellness and Recreation Center, causing injuries to two students.

Picture was taken from Delaware online.

“I am disgusted at the incident itself. Recognizing that these were out-of-campus violators that got on to our campus and caused significant concern for us,” said President Tony Allen on Tuesday’s University Forum. 

At 1:18 in the morning, Dover police officers were called to DSU to respond to the shooting. The DSU Police Department states that it is currently investigating the incident. 

According to the emergency alert sent out by DSU, the shooting was part of a robbery. So far, no suspects are under investigation.

Screenshot of the emergency message sent DSU.

“When I got the alert, I was shocked. I couldn’t believe that something so heinous could happen at school,” said a student who does not want to be identified.

After the recent incident, the safety of students, staff, and faculty is questioned: Is Delaware State a safe place?

“I believe strongly that at Delaware state, we are a family and in an event that affects the safety of one of us affects us all, ” said President Allen.

The two injured were taken to Bayhealth Hospital’s Kent Campus. And sources say that they have been doing better since the incident. 

University Forum

Tuesday’s University forum, hosted by President Tony Allen, gave an update on the situation. Chief Bobbie Cummings outlined a list of ways that the campus will increase its safety measures.

President Tony Allen speaking at Tuesday’s University Forum.

“We are continuing to execute our existing protocols and to enhance our protocols where we think that’s appropriate. There are some spots, most notably at the basketball courts between MLK and the Wellness center, where we will continue to increase security and make sure that we have a watchful eye on all the things that are happening at the university,” said President Allen.

Chief Bobbie Cummings peaking at Tuesday’s University Forum.

Chief Cummings said, “We are working heavily with our student body. We are working with the resources that we have on campus on my video systems to evidence that has been collected outside agencies that are helping us to analyze and evaluate things that we have going on here on campus. We’ve been in contact with the victims of the incident, and we’re still obtaining information as we go forward.”

Chief Cummings asks campus students to speak up if they know something about the incident.

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