Should Teachers Carry Guns

After every mass shooting in America, the main topic of discussion is gun laws. After the deadly mass elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, the topic of teachers carrying guns discussion once again came under consideration. There are opposing viewpoints on how to address the constant growing issue. Many feel that armed teachers are a wise solution. Others are against the idea of arming teachers. Arming teachers has more cons than pros in this solution.

To thwart tragedies in school, staff and administrators must implement strong safety solutions; arming teachers and other admins is not the solution. School shootings are chaotic and have been nothing but chaos. Schoolboards cannot ask teachers to stop shooters, especially potential current or former students. Having access to guns in a classroom can increase the likelihood that a student will access firearms and potentially have someone shot. There is a time and place for guns and school isn’t the place for guns. Only law enforcement and security guards should be allowed to carry firearms. Law enforcement and security guards are trained to serve and protect, not educators and other staff members in schools.

            There is a false impression that arming teachers and staff members will make our schools safer. In fact, an armed teacher cannot in any moment be expected to become a trained law enforcement officer. An armed teacher is more likely to shoot a student, bystander or be shot by a responding law enforcement officer. Teachers cannot replace officers. A teacher armed with a firearm is a bad idea. Teachers joined their profession to do what they love; and that’s to educate children/students. Their job is to nourish and teach in a learning environment, not to be an armed protector. Majority of teachers do not want to carry guns and many voiced that they are willing to quit if forced to carry guns.

            Teachers will have an increased liability and responsibility. Accidents are more likely than mass shootings. If guns are in classrooms and accidently go off, who would be responsible that? If a student gets hold of a firearm, who is t­­o blame? The student for touching and using the gun, or the teacher/staff member for leaving it unattended? If a teacher decides he or she wants to hide instead of fight and protect, are they liable? Would a teacher be accused for not doing their job? If a teacher accidentally shoots a student, there will be too many ways of “pointing fingers” and reasoning/excuses of what happened. There’s a lot of risk and factors that play into teachers becoming armed.

Firearms in schools will increase anxiety. Students and staff knowing that there is a possible deadly weapon in the area will immediately make them nervous. The amount of tension a deadly weapon carries cannot and should not be placed amongst staff and students because of the responsibilities, the threat of being attacked, the likeliness of a mistake that can easily happen, and the possibility of life and death.


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