DSU Food Pantry

Many clubs and organizations at Delaware State University participate in food pantry donations.  Some examples are, The Delaware State University Chapter of NAACP hosted a Food Drive November 1st-20th, 2021. All food drop-offs were asked to be brought to the Martin Luther King building. The donation table was located on the first floor of the MLK building. Participants are asked to bring nonperishable food items to help those in need.

Forensic biology student, Jordan Spencer (left), and Education student, Kyla Laster, both involved in NAACP, came out to help organize and box meals for people in need.

“Participating in the food drive was a great opportunity for us to get our general board members involved here on campus. Our NAACP board members get the opportunity to put their faces out there, and we get to show everyone what we are all about”, said Kyla Laster.

 The College of Humanities, Education, and Social Sciences (CHESS) have a summer food pantry schedule starting May 17th-– August 30th, 2022. Food drop-off is held in the Price Building, Room 104.    

Information Technology student, Zora Johnson, participated in this year’s Summer Food Pantry. Zora has helped donate and box meals for people in need.

“Doing a food drive is fun and it’s a good chance to give back to the community, especially people who aren’t as fortunate as you”, said Zora Johnson.

Host Michele Rush, sent out a campus wide email saying” Good day everyone, Kindly share this information with students and staff.”

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