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Housing Challenges for DSU Upperclassmen 

Kymari Patterson

Every year, Delaware State University is bombarded with fresh faces to provide housing and food to, but nobody ever wonders what happens to the students after their freshman year. 

The university has plans to care for upcoming students, but due to the current COVID—19 regulations the plans have been disrupted and created a housing challenge for the university community.

The University Village Apartments at Delaware State Universty.

“This upcoming junior year is trying to get housing and I’ve been trying to get housing my entire sophomore year and it’s been a dead end,” says Bobbi Asse, rising junior at Delaware State University.

Trying to get housing, many students called ahead and “They don’t even pick up the phone,” Bobbi said. Many students on campus find it harder to be provided housing with the new influx of freshmen from the class of 2026. “Sometimes it’s hard to get in contact with someone from housing to get your questions and concerns answered,” Deejonaye Hayes, rising senior at Delaware State University. 

Tubman Laws Hall Dorm at Delaware State University.

With limited staffing the amount of applications the housing department receives per semester is unknown. However, the timespan to return is approximately five-to-six months. There is pressure on student and authorities to provide help and allow the student body a voice.

Although we could not get a hold of the housing department for their feedback on the issue of why housing is so hard to receive now-a-days, the hope is that Delaware State University makes some good changes for the upcoming Fall 2022 semester for the attending upperclassmen. 

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