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“Euphoria” is a realistic depiction of the struggles of young adults

Sabree Primus

The new HBO Max show Euphoria has made the history books, with record breaking viewership. “Euphoria” is now the second most watched series in HBO history. With executive producers Drake and Zendaya, the show was destined for nothing but greatness.


A small population of the viewers believe “Euphoria” is not real but instead creepy. They think characters are underdeveloped, and situations portrayed are not “real life situations.” However, everything from the characters introduction to drugs, relationship drama, and self identity journey, is real.

The average age for drug and alcohol use in adolescents in America is 14-years old. In the show, the main character ,Rue, is a recovering drug addict. The viewers follow her journey from rehab, AA meetings, using drugs again, and fighting for her will to live. For many, this is an eye opening experience, seeing how the decisions of one person can affect everyone else around them.

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Rue starts the series off coming straight out of rehab and entering highschool. High school is the introduction to the real world for many children. They are granted an inch more of freedom, meet new people from different backgrounds, and experience new cultures. 

Relationships are one of the most sensitive topics to discuss with young adults . During ages 14-18 you meet your first love or even your first boyfriend/girlfriend. According to one of my sources, 15-years old is the average age that most people first fall in love.

Throughout the show Euphoria viewers watch the evolution of characters Nate and Maddy. The two start off the show as a couple, viewers watch the trouble and turmoil of their relationship, ending in their big breakup. Everything from the lies, betrayal, and miscommunication, depicts what today’s young adults experience.

The dating pool in today’s generation is very scarce. Relationships today mimic that of Nate and Maddy, you fall madly in love and think this person is the one. Then to find out they are not the person you thought, and all of your time has been wasted.

As humans, there is a constant battle to find your purpose, and who you want to be. In the show viewers see the struggle these young adults face, trying to find themselves. Each character has a personal struggle they face throughout the show. For example, Rue is addiction, Kat is self-worth, and Nate is his sexuality.

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Self identity depends on four factors. One being the perception of others, how other people see you. Two, your god-given talents that set you apart from others. Three, your significant others’ opinions that you value, whatever they reflect back to you is what you are-the reflection hypothesis. Lastly, your cultural identity, what you identify as.

The show Euphoria captures all of these life elements. From the introduction to drugs, relationship troubles, and self identity journey. This makes the show more realistic than others, depicting the true struggles of young adults.

“ Life is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yoursel” – (Unknown)

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