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Delaware State’s Big Romeo and Juliet Production 

Canaan Sims

A new class called “Collaborative Works,” is opening a lane for three majors with a big project. Dr. David Tolley of the Music program at Delaware State University is supervising and guiding students to film a motion picture. That motion picture is the all-time Shakespearean classic, “Romeo and Juliet.” Students from the Music industry, Tech Styles and Apparel, and Communication departments will all play a role in this, bringing the film to life. 

 Raven Quander, a Mass communications major with a focus in journalism will be playing the role of Tybalt, Director, and head choreographer. Raven has a resume of being in the limelight for major plays, performances, and dancing from an early age.  

Director, Character, Head Choreographer, Raven Quander.

As this sounds like a lot to juggle, Raven also spends her time outside of school working as a Resident Assistant, cultivating with Thespian society, and co-operating a Book Club. Quander said, “I am getting internship credit, but the experience is getting the full movie effect. The aspect of marketing, filming, and collaborating for a motion picture is new and gratifying.” 

 Raven has a passion for performing arts and along with doing something she can enjoy; she can also learn from the experience.

 Senior, Trey Wilson shared with me that he and his fellow students of the Textiles and Apparel department on how they will be creating, altering, and unseaming costumes to replicate the original looks. Wilson has a focus in Fashion Merchandising with aspirations to be a shopper for designer store corporations to stay in style with current trends and stay up to date.  

Costume Designer, Trey Wilson.

This experience is a first for Trey designing costumes for characters. Wilson said, “I’m gaining the ability of working with a team, seeing the creative process, and doing something that’s never been done before.” This is the first time the school has done a project like this where students are in control of the vision Dr. Tolley wants to bring to life.  

Students have already begun the work for planning the schedule of when and what needs to get done. Filming planned to begin mid-March, with hopes of the film being released potentially in the Summer 2022. A motion picture of the hit play “Romeo and Juliet,” is soon coming brought to you by students at the illustrious Delaware State University.  

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