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Celebrating Black History Month at DSU 

Canaan Sims

It is finally the month that is devoted to celebrating Black culture and experience. Delaware State University is taking a different approach by hosting numerous events such as a Black History Musuem, a Barbershop talk, and many more. The month-long holiday was established in 1970 to shine a light on the past activists that hugely impacted the culture, reminisce on historical African American moments, and enlighten the youth about their roots. 

Student Government Association President, Semaj Hazzard.

Delaware State’s student government president, Semaj Hazzard, wants to make sure the month is fully eventful, so the student body embraces these moments and inspires innovative ideas or traditions for the future. Hazzard will do his part by hosting both the Black History Museum and the Poetry Slam. The museum will feature multiple African American figures that shaped the world we live in like Malcolm X, Serena Williams, Barack Obama, and many more. 

President Hazzard and the rest of the student government expressed that he wants the museum to have a timeline effect dating back to the 19th century. The culture has come a long way from activists preaching equality to the world to professional entertainers using their platforms and spreading change. African Americans did not have the voice we have today fifty years ago. Very few were outspoken about their morals but knew what boundaries not to cross. 

Athletes sacrificing life changing opportunities to make a better world for the next generation. Another major event happening is the Poetry Slam. The slam will be for poets, singers, lyricists, and spoken words artists. Open floor for people to be heard and Semaj Hazzard will be hosting this event as well. Hazzard has a natural talent for hosting, and it is his job on the side along with serving as student body president.  

Both events are expected to be spectacular since student engagement has been very active. The Musuem will be held in the Martin Luther King Student Center on the second floor, on Tuesday, February 22nd. The Poetry Slam will be held on Monday, February 28th at the recently acquired Wesley College, but now known as Downtown Delaware State.

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