Federal Government Makes More COVID Tests Available to Schools Across The US

The possibility of increasing the amount of COVID testing in the schools could help bring students and staff members back to class.

By Brandon Roach-McIntyre

(President Joe Biden Interacting with an Elementary Student While Wearing a Mask)

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic, schools from across the country havebeen through a cycle of shutdowns and reopenings. However,President Joe Biden may have found a way to contain COVID’soutbreak inside our schools.

The White House announced that 5 million rapid tests will be madeavailable to schools to ease supply shortages and promote thesafe reopening of schools. With the addition of COVID tests, manyprofessionals expect an improvement in attendance for schoolsacross the nation.

Adrienne Roach, Teacher at Hartly Elementary, shares her thoughts on the new Biden administration. “The addition of the Biden Administration sounds a bit extremefor both staff and students” she exclaims. “Having to deal with COVID tests and everything else is already nerve-racking, soimagine how the kids will feel about it”.

Roach then counters her initial thoughts, “The process ofteaching as a whole is much easier in-person, so if this is what we have to do to stay in school, then I’m all for it”.

Adrienne Roach, Kindergarten Teacher at Hartly Elementary at Hartly, Delaware

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