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DSU Creates First Ever Student Movie Production Course

Students from different majors in the Humanities department come together in a single class. 

Raven Quander 

The Education and Humanities Department has come together to create an elective and independent study class, called ‘Collaborative Works,’ to showcase skills from multiple majors at the same time. 

The Theater Society has been trying to perform an original Rock-Opera version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet for three years. The latest update of turning the stage performance into a movie production class, made to showcase the talents of different Humanity majors, seems to be the last attempt to make it happen. 

(Musical Director Dr. David Tolley in front of the Schwartz theater in downtown Dover.)

Musical Director Dr. David Tolley says “We have been canceled four times for the theatrical. Covid is unpredictable, so we have to move with the times, and a lot of theatrical productions have switched to making movies or virtual productions instead.”

The new ‘Collaborative Works’ course, outside of helping to produce the first Delaware State University student movie, allows students to explore the potentials of their majors. 

“Some struggle to find opportunities to use their skill sets to their highest capacity, and a course like this helps to broaden that scope of possibilities,” states Digital Media Production major, Khamaré Shields. 

The ‘Collaborative Works’ course involves fashion students creating costumes, digital media students editing and filming footage, and students involved in theater serving as actors in the production that will be created.

Dr. Tolley recently visited the Schwartz theater to choose different rooms for ballroom scenes in the movie that involve dance choreography. He, as well as all of the people involved in the ‘Collaborative Works’ course, hope to pull off a successful movie for the public to enjoy by the end of this semester.

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