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Bomb threats made to multiple HBCUs, Including DSU and Bowie State

Rashaad Lathern

Delaware State University is one of many historically Black college campuses placed on lock down. Besides Delaware State University, Bowie State University, Bethune-Cookman University, Howard University, and several other historically black college were exposed to bomb threats Monday morning.

According to DSU E-News, a campus-wide notification was sent out around 7:00am, informing off-campus students and staff not to come to the school, and ordering students in campus housing to stay in their residence halls.

According to ABC News, “The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation is aware of the series of bomb threats and is working with law enforcement to address potential threats.” However no bombs were found in any of the HBCU establishments after several investigations from law enforcement.

Another campus-wide email was sent out around 1:00p.m. on January 31, 2022, which stated that the lockdown had been lifted after several investigations from the local state, and federal authorities.

“Maryland State Police issued an all-clear Monday afternoon after an extensive search of Bowie State. On Monday around 6:00am WTOP News interviewed Bowie State University’s president,Aminta H. Breaux, who said “I want to assure the parents and families who are watching that we have responded quickly. Law enforcement is here in force, and we’re going to do everything we can to keep this campus safe,”

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