DSU mandates COVID-19 Booster shot for all eligible returning students. 

Demetrius Johnson 

Approximately two weeks before students’ re-arrival on campus, Delaware State University President, Tony Allen, sent out a school wide email announcing that students will be required to take the COVID-19 booster shot due to the rapid expansion of the Omicron variant. 

According to Tony Allen,” For all, we request that your priority be to get the booster. The booster is our best chance to defend against widespread infection on campus, protecting you and the people around you. The latest CDC guidance recommends booster shots for all eligible adults over the age of 16. You are eligible if you received your second dose of Pfizer or Moderna at least six months ago or the single dose of Johnson & Johnson at least two months ago” 

Delaware State University students were not required to get the shot prior to the global expansion and spread of Omicron variant. The University along with HBCUS on the east coast have now mandated booster shots when at first it was only a necessity that students be fully vaccinated. 

President Tony Allen continues to inform students on the importance of vaccinations and boosters. Delaware State University now hosts clinics, where students can receive dosages of vaccinations and booster shots on its very own campus. 

President Tony Allen issued a statement responding to the outrage caused by the Omicron variant. According to Dr. Allen, “While COVID-19 continues to disrupt our normal business, the University’s nimble, science-based approach has served us well since the pandemic’s earliest days, keeping case counts low by using the best tools at our disposal, including required vaccination, mask wearing, regular testing, and contact-tracing protocols.” 

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