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DSU Approves Fairy God Sisters of Delaware Induction Ceremony

Fairy God Sisters of DE induction ceremony is one of the first in-person events back on campus

Sabree Primus

Delaware State University has approved the induction ceremony for the new initiates of the Fairy God Sisters of DE, scheduled to take place February 20, 2022.

The Fairy God Sisters of DE, known around campus as FGS, are celebrating their 10- year anniversary. The lovely ladies of FGS have been “helping to heal a hurting humanity” since 2012.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak last year many members took place in the induction virtually through Instagram Live. However, there was an induction ceremony exclusively open to new members on campus, where family and friends of the initiates were able to join via Instagram Live.

FGS current President, Jade Mclean, said “We are very grateful to be able to host our induction ceremony. It was a very stressful process trying to make this happen this semester, but in the end it all worked out.” This is an event that many students look forward to, being able to see their friends dressed up, and receive their crowns and sashes.

New Fairy initiates are elated as they approach their induction day. Kayla, a new fairy remarks “I am so excited for the induction ceremony and to see all the other fairies and celebrate with my family and friends.” This event will be one of the first in-person events of the Spring, 2022 semester.


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