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The Plots Were A “Vibe” At DSU Homecoming

Delaware State Homecoming Flyer

Adam Holland

October 23, 2021 marked the return of homecoming at Delaware State University and it did not disappoint! After an eventful week of concerts, parties and royal ceremonies and football, DSU Homecoming was capped off by the ultimate campus unity where all could attend–the Greek plots.

A view of one of the plots at night

The NPHC plots are the physical representations of Greek life on a campus or universities across the United States. The plots are an established tradition of providing gathering spaces, and are designed to represent each historically black Greek-lettered organization within the NPHC. These designated areas provide alumni and current members an area for reflection and celebration and unity.

All non-Greeks are allowed to meet up and hang out at the plots to culminate “The Return” of Homecoming. The experience is truly beautiful to watch the majority of campus come together as one. 

Alumni, faculty and parents were all in attendance. Whether you arrived early in the morning or after the football game, the plots were filled with energy, love and happiness. The music rang from sunrise to sunset as thousands infiltrated Delaware State’s campus.

Delta Sigma Theta’s Nina Dillard remarked, “It was great having everyone back on campus for homecoming. COVID really made things difficult, and seeing our alumni and family friends made the weekend complete.”

Delaware State’s Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.

The food was also present. The grills were on fire. Chicken, burgers, hot dogs and ribs filled the air and the stomachs. Each fraternity and each sorority provided their own specific flare that added on to the experience. It was impossible to move without entering into another realm of “vibes”.

Senior Briana Fynes, who was dancing and eating at the plots, commented, “The vibes were immaculate. Honestly, having fun with random people mixed with the comradery of all the students just made the entire day.”

This all day-affair wrapped up an event-filled week as well as solidifying that even with the pandemic looming, Delaware State will provide its students an exciting campus experience. 

2021 Homecoming allows for the university to look forward to an optimistic spring and following year for more events to take place as well as hope that next year’s homecoming is even better. 

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