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DSU 2021 Homecoming: 2000’s themed Trap N’Paint

 Damani Eason and Kyasia Dixon 

As soon as the Homecoming 2021 list of events got released, this event was immediately sold out within two hours of the tickets going on sale. The event was the Trap N’ Paint hosted by the Student Government Association (SGA).

 This event took place on Wednesday, October 20th, the day after the Turn Me Up Tuesday: DJ Battle and the day before the Red Out. 

 The theme of the mock Sip N’ Paint was 2000’s, an era that was best-defined by baggy pants, oversized jeans and suede sweatsuits. Most of the attendants at the event were extremely young when the decade first started.

 When it came time to setting up and creating the event, Ayanna Harris, Student Government Treasurer, described it as being three simple steps. 

 “Step #1: deciding the event, Step 2: Finding the location,” she continued, “Step #3: Student Engagement, making sure students are going to actual come.” She went on to say “The event was very exciting; we had a nice turnout we gave everyone a variety of events to go to and we are glad they enjoyed.”

Not only were students able to paint and enjoy their favorite music from the early 2000s, they were also able to watch a live artist through zoom who did a wonderful job in walking the students through the artistic process. 

When students first walked into the event, they were greeted by place mats on the table that had the school’s iconic mascot on it. 

The artist would go ahead and paint for a little bit and then stop to make sure that everyone had caught to where he was in the painting process. 

Some people that went to the event enjoyed themselves like Carlotta Howie, who at first messed up on her first painting but then continue to paint a different one right after.            

Hopefully, Delaware State University students were able to attend the other events that the school such as;  the concert and the football game that was last Saturday. 

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