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A Homecoming to Remember, A Game Never to Forget

Leah Green and Selena Martinez

On Saturday, October 23rd, Delaware State faced off South Carolina State for their homecoming game. 
Both teams were butting heads in the beginning of the first quarter. Player number 14, Kwannah Kollie, gained twenty yards, off pure speed alone after a good handoff from Quarterback, Jared Lewis. Regardless of many attempts by the offensive line, by the end of the first quarter, the Hornets were down by three due to SC State’s freshman kicker, Gavin Zimmerman. 

About halfway through the second quarter, SC state had a six-point lead, leaving DSU in the dust. On the kickoff return, Roman Davis saved the Hornets with a muffed kick return, which would’ve given the Bulldogs great field position, allowing them to run DSU up the flagpole. Unfortunately, once DSU reached halftime we were down by 13.

By the start of the third quarter DSU students, alumni, and fans started leaving, which was regrettable, because soon Delaware State’s wide receiver, Charles Peeler scored the team a touchdown. 

The game ended with South Carolina State at 13, and Delaware State at 7. This brings DSU’s record to (3-4). 

Regardless of the outcome of the homecoming game, this didn’t stop the festivities. 

After the game many gathered by the frat and sorority plots for music, dancing, food, and fun. Many alumni came back to celebrate Delaware State homecoming with current students. 

Overall Delaware State’s homecoming weekend was a success and something to remember. 

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