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DSU 2021 Homecoming:Four DJs Battle for the Top Spot

Chelsea Abrams & Lauren Moon

Battle of the DJs flyer

Homecoming season here at Delaware State University has kicked kicks off. There were several events scheduled throughout the week, which included the DJ Battle hosted by the Campus Activities Board (CAB). The event took place Tuesday, October 19th, in the MLK parlors, where four-campus DJs battled for the top spot.

CAB originally planned a Respectfully live show featuring Justin Laboy and Justin Combs, which unfortunately was canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, and thus gave way to the battle of the DJs.

The Hornet spoke to Quiana Hutchins, Assistant Vice President of Student Engagement who stated “My hope is that students have a good time. I think that we are all continuing to deal with the pandemic; we are not fully where we like to be but we are certainly taking the steps to get there, despite the restrictions that were made on campus. I’m really hoping that students are able to have fun with each other and enjoy and that the event would excite them as we gear up for the end of the week and the rest of Homecoming” 

The lineup for the DJs involved:

  • Ryan Williams (302_DJRY), a Freshman, majoring in Business Management.
  • Dylan Hinds (DeeJay Doren), a Freshman, majoring in Business and Marketing.
  • Oliver Millwood (DJ Omilly), a Junior, majoring in Business Marketing.
  • DJ Breezy a Junior, majoring in Sports Management.
(From left to Right : Dj OMilly, Dj RY, Dj Doren and Dj Breezy)

The DJs, it was discovered inherited the passion for the skill of mixing music through relatives and their appreciation for songs. 

Hinds was asked if he sees this as a lifelong career and he answered yes because he enjoys creating good vibes and wants to share his love for music with his audiences and clientele.  

When asked how much time he has been mixing, Millwood replied he had taken the skill seriously for the past three years by investing in his craft, buying his equipment, and booking shows.

What was Williams’ expectations for the event? He said to have FUN. As this is his first battle, Williams’s confidence was very strong in that he believed he was going to win the title. 

Students in attendance for “Battle of the DJs”

Junior Safi Furlow, Mass Communications Major, states, “The event was very entertaining; they all played great music and had different styles. It was amazing to see the different cities represented. The judging was based upon the round of applause which I thought was fair.”

In the end, all the DJs did their best and had the crowd engaged. Through the audience round of applause judging, DJ Doren prevailed and took home the win. 

The DJs in action…

To find out more information for this week’s events, check out the Delaware State’s Homecoming page. 

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