America Has Been Destroyed By Racism

March on Washington August 28, 2020 Crowds flanking the reflecting pool

Adam Holland

There’s no solution to racism in America. And if you think racism doesn’t exist, you are part of the problem. Americans believe racism will eventually destroy America; however, racism has destroyed America, and the potential race war will destroy our people for good.

White America. That’s a common phrase used to describe America. “Melting pot” and “American dream” are two others that are the common tropes to label this nation. Yes, America is a melting pot and the American dream is achievable; therefore, should everyone get along with one another? It should be that easy.

The divide between Americans is at an all time high. It’s not surprising since racism has been prevalent since the signing of the Constitution and beginning of America’s “discovery”. As a system, why would you want to lose power? Why would white Americans, in power, want to relinquish their hold on America?

Birmingham, Alabama church bombing. Emmett Till. Malcolm X: assassinated. Dr. Martin Luther King: assassinated. Racism in America took away the great leaders and innocent black and brown women that could have shifted the socioeconomic hierarchy. Now, these individuals are memories and names on a long list of deaths fueled by racism. The brutal assasination of Fred Hampton by the US government is a direct result of the destruction of America through racism. 21-year-old activist, Fred Hampton, was the chairman of the Black Panther Party, who initiated the foundations of the rainbow coalition–an antiracist, anticlass, multiracial group focused on destroying the racial inequalities in America.

Many years after the Civil war and Civil Rights era, racism has trickled its ugly head into all aspects of life. The United States prides itself on freedom, opportunity and justice for all. How can any institution or government abide by the principles when the very principles are skewed and rest upon a corrupt system. Jim Crow and segregation may not legally be present, but the legacy of such systems haunt America to this day. 

Discrimination and inequality continue to  hang over the heads of this nation. Unemployment, the wealth gap, socioeconomic status, policing, health care, the judicial system and education are the integral areas of human life. Almost all facets of life are engrained with racism and inequality. Why is that?

The racial disparity in health care is more prevalent than ever. The racial disparity in unemployment between blacks and whites is more prevalent than ever. The injustice in the justice system is more prevalent than ever. Education is more skewed to eliminate the true history of racism more than ever. Opportunities are far more attainable for those opposite of black and brown people and the constant struggle will remain.

March on Washington crowd

The Black Lives Matter movement reached its peak during the summer of 2020. Within the last five years, the violity of Blacks and police encounters has been at the center of social and racial unrest that have plagued this country for far too long. While the motives were clear and protests were understandable, this very movement showcased how racism will never die in America and is more present and in the open than ever. There needs to be a coming together to have courageous conversations that will be radical and the unification of what once was the United States of America. This nation was set down the wrong path a long time ago, before you were born.

NBC News shared this video last summer, during the height of racial tensions. The idea that we will be completely destroyed already references that destruction is taking place right now.. Take a look: ‘We Will Be Completely Destroyed’ If Systemic Nature Of Racism Does Not End | NBC News NOW

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