Covid-19 Vaccines Are Safe For All


Due to the current and on-going pandemic of Covid-19, scientists and medical professionals have worked endlessly to create a vaccine with the hopes of controlling the out-break. Despite the discovery of the Covid-19 vaccine, many individuals refuse to take it and even question whether or not the vaccine is safe. 

How does the covid-19 vaccine work? 

The covid-19 vaccine, just like any vaccine, is designed to familiarize the body’s immune system with set disease. By doing so, when the virus comes in contact with your body and your immune system, the antibodies from the vaccine can  fight off the virus and prevent it from attacking your immune system and spreading/ multiplying. 

Although the covid-19 vaccine has been issued out to the public since December 11th,2020, many individuals that are against the vaccine, also known as “anti-vaxxers”  still refuse to take the vaccine and continue to spread misinformation. Some of the common misconceptions and myths  about the vaccine are that, “The Covid-19 vaccine is not FDA approved so it cannot be trusted.” Others state that “the vaccine does not work because you can still contract covid after being vaccinated.” Many women  worry about long term effects and some believe that the vaccines can cause infertility.  Even some military personnel. have refused to take the vaccine, as some claim“ that information about the virus and the vaccine are constantly changing.” 

According to the U.S Food and Drug Administration, the Pfizer-BioNet covid-19 vaccine was officially FDA approved on August 23rd,2021. The acting FDA commissioner, Janet Woodcock M.D goes on by saying “the FDA’s approval of the vaccine is a milestone as we continue to battle the covid-19 pandemic…as the first FDA approved covid-19 vaccine, the public can be very confident that vaccine meets  the high standards for safety.”  Before a vaccine can be approved, all vaccines must undergo the agency’s process which reviews the quality, safety of the effectiveness of the medical product. The agency conducts and analyses the information in the BLA to ensure that the vaccine is safe, effective and meets the FDA’s standards for approval. 

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Although it is somewhat true that you can still contract covid-19 after getting vaccinated, it typically takes a few weeks after vaccination for the body to produce T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes cells which are fight cells used to destroy germs in the body. Therefore it is still possible for a person to get infected with Covid-19 just before or after getting vaccinated. This can also cause a person to get sick due to the lack of time for the antibodies from the vaccine to fully develop and settle. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, if the covid-19 were to occur within a vaccinated individual, “infections happen in only a small portion—even with the Delta variant strand. When these infections occur among vaccinated people they tend to be mild.”  The vaccine is not made to cure the disease but to simply prevent it from spreading and greater your chances of getting severely ill. By taking the vaccine, the body is able to strengthen its immune system from the virus. The vaccine is used to add more protection to the body’s immune system.  This is why is is important to follow safety regulations and guidelines to ensure the best and healthiest results when vaccinated. 

In regards to long term effects occurring from the vaccine, CDC ensures that long-term side effects are unlikely; by stating, “vaccine monitoring has historically shown that side effects generally happen within six weeks of receiving a vaccine.” This is one out of many reasons why the FDA requires each Covid-19 vaccine to be studied for at least eight weeks after the final dose. As of today, no long term effects have been detected. The CDC are continuing to closely monitor the safety of each authorized vaccine. They state “if scientists find a connection between a safety issue and a vaccine, FDA and the vaccine manufacturer will work towards an appropriate solution to address the specific safety concern.” Infertility has not been detected as well. Reproductive endocrinologist, Albert Hsu mentions that he often hears concerns about the Covid-19 vaccine from his patients. Dr.Hsu says, “while studies are ongoing,there is no data that the covid-19 vaccine may cause female infertility,” another doctor by the name Laura Morris says “I proactively address this rumor with my patients of reproductive age who have not been vaccinated. There is no plausible reason, no medical or scientific mechanism for this vaccine to interact with a woman’s reproductive organs or have any interaction with an egg that’s been released or fertilized.” 

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Lastly, the concerns from some military personnel questioning the facts of covid-19 that is being promoted,   The Official website of the Military Health System  have responded by saying, “The messenger RNA vaccines from Pfizer-BioTech and Moderna are based on a safe vaccine platform which data goes back to the 1990’s, and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is also based on tried-true technology.” It is also important to remember that although the corona virus has been established in the 1990’s, Covid-19 and the Delta variant are both new strands of the virus and are constantly being examined and learned about, which may result in additional information being released periodically. 

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With the help of health care professionals and scientists, we are able to social distance and interact with each other at the same time. The vaccine allows society to have a change of getting back to what many would describe as “normal”. By taking the vaccine and following safety guidelines and regulations individuals will not only protect themselves from covid-19 but also protect others around them. 

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