Concerns with covid-19 Vaccines

Joshua Lee

As we all know Covid-19 changed a lot of our lives drastically a few years ago. Schools had shut down for nearly a year, some sports games were cancelled or rescheduled because of players catching Covid-19.

When this disease first came out a lot of people didn’t believe that it would impact us on this level. When the disease came out it was also flu season.

With having similar symptoms it became hard for people to find out if they had a common cold, the flu or Covid-19. Within Months the virus began spreading rapidly, as people were being hospitalized and many losing their lives to Covid-19.

Elderly woman suffering from Covid-19

The virus was said to be easily contracted by the elderly and people with underline health issues. Gabriel Davis says, “This virus feels like it came out of thin air, and it impacted us on a level we never saw coming, I can remember on the news when they told us we were under martial law and that scared me, it felt like I was in a movie.”


Lives changed within a year; we started practicing social distancing, which is still practiced till this day. Face mask became mandatory to enter a store or any place of business.

Pedestrian’s wearing mask in public

 Towards the end of 2020 health specialized said in the next year that a vaccine would be created and distributed to people to lower chances of catching the virus. People automatically became skeptical, they felt the vaccine was created to fast and that the side affects would cause more harm to them then Covid-19.

Angelo Jordan said, “I never trusted it, the same way a flu shot works is how that vaccine is going to work, they are going to inject us with the actual virus to see how our body responds to it.”

older man receiving vaccine

Keidez Thompson said, “I totally support the vaccine, I feel like they saw how serious this virus was and they needed to do something to help us drastically and they came up with this virus to lower our chances of catching Covid-19.”

 So far, the rates of people catching Covid-19 have decreased. With some people still feeling unsure about the virus, it is still progress to us overcoming it and regaining our normal lifestyles.

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