Americans Enraged at Biden for Deporting Haitians


From being the people’s hero to quickly becoming the crowd’s villain, everything has changed for President Joe Biden. After learning about his plans and motives to deport Haitians, people are regretting voting for him as president.

When Biden was appointed into office, many people were excited, as they believed he would become a voice for the people. With the recent deportation of Haitian migrants, it seems as if Biden is following Donald Trump’s old ways with the border patrol. Numerous Black voters were disappointed in the actions of Biden, considering they were his strongest advocates. African Americans presumed that Biden was on their side. However, after his several attempts to expel Haitians, they witnessed his true colors.

Joe Biden, President of the United States, bowing during a press conference. Photo Courtesy of Evan Vucci.

For decades, Haitian migrants, majority Blacks, have been abused by the United States immigration authorities. They were subjected to mistreatment in many different ways, such as law enforcement, access to political asylum, or use of unequal detention policy. People would assume that overtime the policies and racial injustice would change but that was not the case. From, people learn that Haitians are still being treated poorly.

Global outrage sparked the news, after footage was revealed of U.S agents applying excessive force on Haitians. According to, they used horse reins as belts to antagonize Black immigrants. The agents on horseback were assembling the migrants, as if they were cattle. This occured at the southern border and instead of stopping further deportation, Biden continued to expel migrants to Haiti. With the unexpected expulsion, people were not able to say their final goodbyes to family and friends.

In southern Texas, Biden and the administration planned to remove over 14,000 Haitians that have been living beneath the bridge, with the intention of bringing asylum in the United States. The treatment of Haitians is unbearable to watch, as they are being treated like animals. This is the same callous behavior and policy dysfunction features of the immigration system.

With hopes of finding better lives in America, hundreds of Haitians were fleeing their oppressive homes. According to, Biden is not allowing them in the country and sending them home daily. In addition to making them pack their bags, Biden is not providing Haitians with the opportunity to register for asylum.The Biden administration is doing everything in their power to prevent more Haitians from crossing the border.

Immigrants, many who are Haitians, are travelling from the Rio Grande River to come back to Mexico. Photo Courtesy of Felix Marquez.

From inauguration day to now, there has been a dramatic change in Biden’s policies. According to The, Biden is continuing Trump’s policies, instead of having a new outlook on immigration, like he promised he would. Many individuals realize that Biden’s statements were inaccurate, as he is sustaining a horrible pattern of corruption. With the mass-expulsion of Haitians, Biden is no different from Trump, former president who forced migrant families out of the United States.

Over 50 Democratic lawmakers encouraged Biden’s administration to stop the deportations to Haiti, as almost 10,000 immigrants pervaded into Rio,Texas. In July, a major earthquake struck Haiti and left the country with major damages, which they are still relieving today. Because of this, the Democrats suggested that Biden indefinitely stampering deportations to Haiti, improved eligibility for humanitarian relief, and aid in mitigation of Covid-19.

In the past few days, thousands of Haitian immigrants wanted to enter the United States from the Del Rio border crossing. For many years, Haitians have attempted to come to the United States, through the Southwest border. In May, Biden’s administration allowed temporary protected status to Haitians in America, however this was not applicable to the individuals massing near Del Rio.

Haitians being deported back to Haiti. Photo Courtesy to Ralph Tedy Erol.

The immigrant authorities started detaining the Haitians and then deporting them. Some Haitians were subjected to “expedited removal”, where the U.S rapidly expelled low-level immigration felons. Under Title 42, the majority of the Haitians were deported, but Biden claimed it was for health reasons. Biden stated, “Irregular migration poses a significant threat to the health and welfare of border communities and to the lives of the migrants themselves and should not be attempted.”

Not only will the mass-expulsion affect the Haitian migrants, but also those who have fled Haiti, left to South America and then made it to the U.S border, hoping for a better life. With these actions, Biden is setting a terrible example for the people. As president of the United States, Biden wants people to appreciate him but people are losing that admiration after his mistreatment of Haitians. Many Haitians have nowhere to reside so by forcing them out of the United States, he is leaving them stranded.

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