Keeping it Healthy While Degree Chasing

Chelsea Abrams

Can’t find anything interesting to eat in the dining hall? Be inventive, try new foods, or combine foods from different areas of the cafeteria.

Village Cafe Campus Dining

Regardless, for every meal consumed, allow yourself enough time to make sure it is balanced between protein, whole grain, carbohydrates, and healthy fats like nuts or fish. Alongside not skipping meals and eating a variety of food, your body will better maintain nourishment.

If you get a bit hungry later in the night while preparing for bed or studying, equip your dorm rooms with shelf-stable snacks. If there is access to a fridge, keep items like yogurt, string cheese stocked.

In any university, you are bound to run into some conflicts, which may delay when you eat. In that case, try to pack healthy portable snacks when on the go, snacks such as granola bars, fruit, or trail mix.

Food is what fuel is to our cars, but for our brains. The mind needs food to aid in thinking. So always try to make time to have a bite to eat. 

Wellness and Recreation Center

Besides making healthier diet choices being fit is a way to maintaining a healthy body. The Wellness and Recreation center displays several programs and services for Delaware State University students, faculty, and staff to keep their minds and bodies strong. 

Services, including a complete gym and programs like intramural sports teams. But staying fit doesn’t even need to be that complex, simple steps like walking to class go a long way as well.

Wellness and Recreation Center Track/ Gym Area

The assistant coach of the women tennis team at Delaware State, Charles Anyanwu,  says “Our head coach prefers them to eat all the fresh food that is made, and try to stay away from a lot of the sweeter or high calorie and fatty foods, and to eat more fruits, vegetables, and high protein diets are good especially for athletes high protein diets are essential.” Anyanwu strongly encourages and reiterates some of the rules mentioned, but shows how our student-athletes accomplish a fit physique. 

General Food and Servings Chart

 Gweena Gentle, a junior lacrosse player, states “If price is included and they can afford it, then to find a nutritionist or dietitian to figure out what’s best for their bodies, because I believe that everybody is different to where some people may need more protein, some may need less, or dietary restrictions, I think the best way to do it is through an expert, but it’s more so if you can’t afford it then to experiment yourself. Experimenting will take time but once you find your regimen then it will work that way to maintain a healthy body.”

To accomplish maximum health, you have to be active, make healthier choices, eat on schedule, and simply pay attention to what your body needs.

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