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Telfar announces launching of New Duffle Bag and TV Channel


Designer Telfar Clemens, strikes again in the fashion industry with the unexpected but very exciting announcement, the launching of his new tv channel and duffel bag release. 

This all took place at an invite only press conference, as guests unknowingly entered at pier 17 in New York City. Clemens did not stage the traditional fashion show, but instead added his own flair and style into his presentation.The low lights and black chairs placed in an arched formation, facing a long black table, created a mysterious ambiance to the place. It was clear to everyone that this was going to be a never-before-seen Telfar emblem. 

The show started off with short introductions from the panelists which included, artist Kandice Williams, Rapper A$AP Ferg, Singer Ian Isiah,and more. After that, Clemens made his grand entrance and found his seat at the center of the table sling with the panelist, which he then began to announce to the crowd the brand’s newest development, Telfar TV. 

According to Clemens, Telfar TV will be a 24 hour public access network that allows individuals within the Telfar community to uphold their own art featuring Telfar bags. This Telfar TV Channel will contribute to the brand’s marketing ploys and will continue to highlight fans’ artwork through videos and pictures. In addition to the channel, Telfare TV may be an easier way to purchase the brand’s products as they have been known to sell out within hours of release. As mentioned in Elle’s article, Clemens interrupts the quest question by excitingly saying “wait I have another announcement.” 

The statement was accompanied by jazzy music and commotion from the crowd, as if he was a game show host revealing the grand prize of the evening. A tall black pedestal was rolled out from the opposite side of the room, leaving everyone in suspense. Clemens, dressed in a maxi jean shirt and a cropped matching jacket; pulls back the black sheet to reveal the brand’s new duffle bag that is cylindrical with the brands logo. This new item will be available in three different sizes (small, medium, and large.) and be only purchased via Telfar TV. “I LOVE IT” “OMGGG YASS” “I NEED A SMALL ONE” were only a few out of hundreds of comments flooding the Instagram live feed. 

Many individuals and fans flood Instagram’s page with the big news, as short clips of the live show find their way onto thousands of timelines on all social media platforms. Many are thrilled by the news of being able to purchase the bags with a QR code, and will no longer have to solely rely on the website. Clemens ends the conference with informing everyone that the Telfare TV can be accessed on Apple TV and Roku. 

The new Telfar duffle bag (comes in small, medium and large)

One fan by the name of Marie expressed her excitement of the new Telfare duffle bag by saying, “I love the fact that Telfar Clemens is expanding his bags from purses to duffles bags because I always wanted one of his purses but never got the chance to buy one.” Others are proud of the progression of the brand and all its success. Racquet, another fan and art major, expresses her appreciation for Clemens new channel by saying “I love the fact that there’s a platform for artists to publish and share their work with Telfar. I enjoy looking at all the redesigns individuals create with their bags and look forward to publishing some artwork myself in the future.” Even individuals without any reconciliation of Telfar can’t help but notice all the attention and buzz this brand is attracting. Quincy, a new fan of Telfar said,  “I am not really into fashion or the latest trends, but I’ve seen and heard a lot of good things about this company and will support this black owned brand because it’s great to see our people succeed. 

Although Telfar has been around since 2005, this business has skyrocketed into the fashion industry from 2019 and continues to strive today. 

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