Protesters Arrested at the Met Gala

Leah Green

While celebrities were sitting in $35,000 seats at the Met Gala, walking the red carpet, and enjoying the luxury of being wealthy, a group of black and brown protesters were outside being unlawfully arrested. 

The protest was led by Ella Dior along with her organization ‘For Our Liberation’. This organization is a “collective of like minded abolitionists who believe in centering black people through education, mutual aid, etc.” 

This protest was not only a wake up call, but a call for help. 

“During the protest we waited until it was the right time to make a move. We came with nonviolent intentions, and only about 30 of us marched onto the streets. The police immediately escalated the situation by charging me and my comrades,” said Ella. 

The protest was to remind people of the protests last year; the fight is still being fought, black and brown people continue to die. According to researchers from Harvard School of Public Health; black Americans are 3.23 times more likely than white Americans to be killed by police. 

“One of my comrades was arrested with their hands up, the other punched, tackled, and dragged away; he didn’t get medical assistance until 12 hours later. I already knew being arrested was a risk. I was held for a total of 24 hours, and all I could do was plan our next steps,” Ella explained. 

Ella said it best, all we can do is plan. Without the help of people in power we will continue to run in circles.  After looking at photographs of the events, you can see that we need change, it’s no longer an option or something we can ignore; it’s a necessity. 

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is facing this controversy now over her Met Gala “tax the rich” dress. Her intent to spark a conversation, led to a controversy. 

Several viral videos have been made concerning the topic. “AOC is enjoying all the perks of capitalism, including a dress that costs 30k; while trying to dismantle capitalism. She doesn’t see the irony of that apparently”, Tik Tok creator CJ Miller said. Most videos about the dress say just that. 

While the rich are partying away at the Met Gala, communities only blocks away are in need of their support. 

I find it almost ironic that the Met Gala theme this year was ‘American Independence’; yet the black and brown people who’ve built this country, and are in need, continue to scream to be heard, seen, and paid attention to. 

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