Catching up with DSU Alumni, Tony Anderson 

Lauren Moon 

Tony Anderson, Host, Model and Producer

HBCUs are known to have the best of the best to leave their mark on the world, and at Delaware State there is no exception. Tony Anderson, a ‘07 graduate of Delaware State University, is taking the world by storm and is not apologizing for it. 

From hosting to modeling and now a producer, Anderson has truly been one to never forget his humble beginnings and start at  Delaware State and finding his own to where he is today. 

 “At the end of the day my hustle and my grind and dedication to my craft and how I treat people is really who I am. That is really my credentials.”  Anderson said.

Anderson has worked with companies such as  BET, MTV, CBS, NBC and is currently working with Revolt along with other companies.   

With the help of Delaware State University’s Mass Communications program guiding him in the right direction he says “this school has given me the platform and has helped me get to where I am today.” 

There are three components that Anderson uses that have helped him get to where he is and they are, 

Stop listening to outside voices 

A quote Anderson mentions is,  “A conductor has to turn his back on the audience in order to lead the orchestra.” If you want to focus on your craft you will need to tune out the noise around you.” 

Stay focused 

When you put your full focus on that one thing and when it’s time you can go after something else go for it, but make sure you aim for that one thing first. “Black people in particular, we are multi talented, we are extremely gifted,” Anderson said. 


Don’t take NO for an answer

“Failure is only failure when it’s final,” Anderson said. If there is something out there that you want to reach for, don’t be afraid to take the risk and try over and over again till you get it. 

One memory Anderson recalls from his college experience was when Rapper Beanie Seagull came to town for a DSU homecoming and Anderson and a friend wanted to get an interview with the rapper and Seagull replied  with “NO.”

Tony on set of BET  “BREAKS” photoshoot 

Anderson took the opportunity to interview the artist manager at the time who was very well known in the Philly area. The rapper saw the manager getting interviewed and that was Anderson’s ticket to get that interview and he sure enough got it. 

As a young man fresh out of high school living in Philadelphia “the murder capital of the country at that time,” Anderson says. 

Even with  two full rides to Lincoln University and Cheyney University Of Pennsylvania, Anderson chose to attend Delaware State University.

“Philadelphia was so bad I had to get out of there.”  Even with the cost of tuition being high “I’m glad I was able to escape the violence that was in Philly, I was able to do a lot of things that have helped my career.” Anderson said. 

Anderson’s hope for the future is to be “ Covid free, happy, healthy and an inspiration to other black and brown people throughout the world.” 

One saying that Anderson goes by is “ There are no bunk beds in the grave, when you die you die alone.”  When you look back over your life there will only be memories and the lasting impression that you left on people, that is what makes your legacy.

Tony Anderson interviewing viral star Shiggy

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