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DSU Rising Up The Charts

Chelsea Abrams

Martin Luther King, Jr. Student Center

Delaware State University beats all odds and claims an upgraded ranking amongst all other historically black colleges and universities. 

On September 14th of this year, US News & World Report reported that  Delaware State is ranked number 10 among all establishments and preserves the ranking as third among all public HBCU’s .  

According to the Delaware States website, “The University achieved its most significant gains in social mobility, a relatively new metric that evaluates a University’s ability to support and graduate students from low-resourced communities at the same or better rate than their general student population.” It is a strategic initiative to keep students enrolled. The university has distributed a generous amount of money in support of students who suffer financially, from student technology, food, and housing uncertainties. 

President Dr. Tony Allen goes on to say, “Regardless of who is looking, the metric that most matter to me is when we make progress with those students who are coming from very challenging environments looking to change the life trajectory for themselves, their families, and their communities.” The President further commented that “When we get that right, all of our students win, and so do the communities they call home.”

President Dr. Tony Allen

As this fascinating news spread around campus, we heard from some of the students.  Gweena Gentle, a junior mass communications scholar, said,  “I am extremely proud because I have  always felt like we are the underdog HBCU, so  I think having those numbers up on the ranking board we’ll have a lot more potential students look at our school.”  Another student, Tionna Mcneill, goes on to state, “I think that the ranking is great, I think that we’re moving forward as a university.”

Here is an incredible achievement that shines a light on the hard work and efforts put in place by the student community and faculty members. 

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