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Zetas Host Their First Event of the Semester


The Upsilon Chapter of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated, held their first event of the semester titled ,“Study Skillz” in the Bank of America auditorium on Monday, September 13th.   

The event began at 7:20 pm with an introduction from the sorority members and was hosted by their Vice President, Zekiah Mackey. After introductions were made, the guests had an opportunity to participate in an ice breaker, which allowed everyone to introduce themselves, and express one goal they personally had for the end of the semester. Many guests mentioned, their goal is to make the Dean’s list, while others’ goal was to just make it through the Semester. 

Zetas of the Upsilon Chapter

Zeta members taking a photo together.

Once the ice breaker ended, Zekiah proceeded with the PowerPoint presentation by informing the crowd on what time management is, and some useful tips that can help college students manage their time effectively. 

Some of the tips that were made in regards to time management were, learning how to schedule your tasks, prepare ahead of time for the things you need to get done, plan accordingly, and prioritize. Zekiah continues the presentation by explaining ways to set priorities. She mentioned that making a to-do list is effective and the importance of following through with the list is key. 

Information about prioritizing, led to the next topic of procrastination, which many individuals admitted they struggled with. Zekiah’s tips/ advice on how to tackle procrastination was to set deadlines, create reminders, stay organized and have someone that can hold you accountable. Zekiah also expresses the importance of utilizing the resources on campus like the writers workshop, setting appointments with tutors in the library, and meeting with your advisor. She also informed everyone on “study traps” which are basically everyday sayings that we tell ourselves to justify our reasoning for not studying. For example, saying “I don’t know where to start.” Or “I don’t know how to study.” Are both considered study traps and are excuses used to avoid studying. Her solution to that was to start your study session with a clear and open mind, dedicate 2-3 hours a week to each class and to utilize flash cards and other studying tools. “Starting with the most tedious class first can make studying for the rest of your classes easier.” Zekiah explains, as she also stressed the importance of rewarding yourself. She states “reward yourself by the end of the week, whether that’s treating yourself to some Chick Fil a or watching your favorite show.” Rewarding yourself allows you to take a breather and to reduce the stress that naturally comes from having assignments. 

Vice President, Zekiah Mackey hosting the event

After the PowerPoint presentation, Zekiah opened the floor to any questions, which a few had and were fully enlightened by all the advice and tips that followed. We were all asked at the end of the event,  what was one thing we took away from the presentation and the Sorority concluded the night with some last minute words of encouragement and a group photo. 

A group photo taken at the end

Although this was only the first event the Zetas have hosted this semester, they encouraged us to keep in touch and to look out what they have in store for this academic school year

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