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Women’s Lacrosse Team Prepares for October 16th Scrimmage against Howard

Damani Eason

“This game is about doing what’s in the best interest of the team and working collectively.” said the Head Coach of the Women’s Lacrosse team Pamela Jenkins

On October 16th, the Women’s Lacrosse team will be playing against Howard’s Women’s Lacrosse Team in a pre-season fall-ball scrimmage.

This game is of importance to the women’s lacrosse to not just test out their skills and see where they are at as a program but to also experience the new rules that have been added to the game.

“I have high hopes for this game especially since we haven’t played Howard in a while.” said Junior Team Captain Gwenna Gentle

Catherine Bennett practicing her ball passes.

Sophomore Laura Omotosho is really excited and ready for the game.

“Hopefully, we can come with that win.” she said

The team has been training for the past month to make sure that their skills are up to par for their October 16th game.

“We’ve been treating it as if we’re getting ready for the season,” Coach Jenkins said, “Making sure that we can get just that 1% better.” she continued.

The players have discovered their own ways to prepare for the October 16th Scrimmage.

“I’ve been watching more college women’s lacrosse,” said Freshman Bri Johanson, “to see what it’s like to play at the college level while also working on my stick work,” she said.

Nina Dillard doing side shuffles across Alumni Field.

Fellow Team Captain Mica Lambert has also been spending some extra time perfecting her skills for the game as well.

“I’ve been doing my runs, working on my stickwork,” she said, “and focusing on my shooting accuracy,” she said.

Training for a sport like this, requires a lot of face-to-face and physical contact with other players. This could be seen as being a difficulty considering that we’re still in a pandemic. However, Coach Jenkins doesn’t face this difficulty.

“All of our players are vaccinated,” said Coach Jenkins, “but we stay still on our toes and follow the CDC guidelines and stay masked up when needed to.”

With the women’s lacrosse scrimmage being less than a month, the bond between players is being built up each day that they spend time with each other and will hopefully be shown on the field.

Freshman Bri Johanson feels as if the bonding between the team members has been going well and that the team has been inclusive.

Sophomore Women’s Lacrosse player Laura Omotosho feels as if the team, “has been getting closer and building that special bond.”

Fellow Senior team captain Mica Lambert has seen the team grow closer right in front of her eyes.

“[The team] has gotten pretty close,” she said, “even to the point where we attend events together.”

“I love everyone on the team,” she concluded.

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