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Students Offer Small Business Services On Campus

Janae Spooner

Students are starting up small businesses and offering their services right on campus. Small signs and flyers are starting to pop up across Delaware State University Campus. Based right from their own dorm, small businesses are popping up. Services such as cooking, hair, and more are offered.

Customers of Eats By Renn receiving their food

“My mom used to give me ideas on how I could make money because you know how colleges take all your money,” says Serenity, who runs Eats By Renn. Staying financially afloat is an important aspect of life during and after college. A side hustle helps establish financial responsibility for later in life

By moving onto campus and becoming a full-time student, there are limited options to make money while also balancing school. A few clever students have harnessed their skills in order to do that exact thing.

Many of these small businesses are fairly official, as shown by the flyers posted on boards and makeshift storefronts. “I advertise at different craft fairs or shows, I also advertise via social media like Facebook and Instagram,” says Tatiana, who runs Shea Scents LLC. Tati sells all-natural hair and body products made of shea butter.

A few of the products from Shea Scents

By transforming their passions into a business, scholars at DESU can add an income to their finances. These students have taken the step, and are more financially stable for it. The services and products are offered right on campus, from the comfort of their own dorms. Be sure to read the flyers hanging in student common areas!

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