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Students and Faculty Adjust to New Normal on Campus During Pandemic

Janae Spooner

Students adjust to a more restrictive experience on campus for the Fall 2021 semester. In order to stay safe, they are finding ways to adapt to their first year on campus during a global pandemic. Some scholars are slightly concerned about the possibility of covid spreading. 

“There’s always that worry, especially now that we’ve been in the pandemic for over a year. I guess if everyone is following the policy and the guidelines, I’m not that worried,”  says Chelsea, a commuter student attending DESU. “But you know there’s always the chance of me or anybody contracting it…” Further commenting that “living in such close quarters on campus, one can only do so much to control the spread.”

Dr. Awodiya after getting Covid tested to help stop the spread. Photo Courtesy of Janae Spooner.

Students and faculty are expected to take extra precautions to help suppress the possible spread on campus. Some requirements include: getting tested weekly, social distancing at all times, etc. No more visiting at each others’ dorms, or standing in large crowds.

Photo Courtesy of Illumina

“Since I’m on campus now, I [get covid tested] every week,” Says Selena, another commuter student attending DSU. Each requirement a student fulfils helps to ensure the success of Delaware State University completing the Fall 2021 semester without a significant surge in cases

Although in unprecedented times, students and faculty are working together to subdue the threat of Covid 19. Those on campus are taking measures for the safety of the campus population.

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