Hurricane Ida’s impact on Delaware 

Lauren Moon 

After Hurricane Ida pounded the south on August 26, 2021, the remains headed to the north early September and left an historic impact. 

Residents of Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey are slowly putting their homes back together after Ida left major flood water  and even tornado damage. For many this was something that has never been seen in their life. 

Neighborhood flooding due to Ida

In Delaware one could see cars covered in dirty debris and items from their homes on the street. Homes off of the 12th Street bridge felt the impact very hard. 

One resident, Nellie Knox, says “ It’s a process,” as she and her family clean out their home and try to salvage what they can. 

Sophomore student Ruben Garnett said “ I was shocked and concerned for the people I know, and hoped that their families were okay.” 

Much of the community has pulled together and created food drives and donated many items to help the survivors. 

For example community members Imani Henry and her mother, Stacy, reached out using social media to ask for “imitate needs such as food, cleaning supplies, gloves, mask pampers and clothes, for a mother and her children.” 

According to Imani “The Red Cross was supposed to provide a shelter to get dry clothes and somewhere to stay, however that never happened.”

With three days worth of no resources from the Government or even Red Cross.The community was able to provide over 15 tables worth of necessary goods, cleaning supplies, rides to family homes or hotels as well as continuing helping those clean out their homes.   

Hurricane Ida might have left damage, but this shows how strong a community truly is.

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