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Housing Challenges at DSU Downtown Campus

Leah Green 

Delaware State University was the first HBCU to acquire a non-HBCU. The University took over Wesley college, a private liberal arts school in July of 2020. The school struggled financially for many years with a steady decline in enrollment. 

Wesley’s acquisition comes with their living halls: Malmberg, Zimmerman, and Carpenter. The question is, are they up to par? 

“During my freshman year I stayed in Carpenter; during the spring semester I had to move due to mold and a leaky ceiling…now I live in Malmberg, it’s much cleaner. The only thing is having no windows is unfortunate,” said former Wesley, now Delaware State student, Mikayla Walker. 

For many students, housing is the most important experience at college. Since awakening from the pandemic colleges have had an overflow in need for housing– Delaware State is not excluded. “Currently students are waiting for the cafe, laundry, and gym to open up.” says DSU attendee, Yonya Wise. 

 Delaware State is seemingly working on upgrades to the Wesley halls to make sure students are more comfortable. “Once everything’s fixed up I would recommend Wesley housing as an option to other students,” concluded Yonya Wise. 

Brielle Braxton-Young, a youtuber, and DSU student created a Wesley housing review and her channel is listed below. 

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