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DSU Welcomes Wesley College Students

Damani Eason

Monday, August 30th, marks the first day that Wesley College students, the ones who transferred over from the once acclaimed college, attended classes and participated in events at their new college, Delaware State University.

Wesley College was acquired by Delaware State University, where Delaware State University took over the college, turning its campus into Delaware State University Downtown.

Tori Albanese, former student at Wesley College, felt as if her first week on campus went well.

Former Wesley College Student Tori Albanese

“Good,” she said, “[The] professors have been very supportive and helpful especially with me coming from Wesley College.”

Former Wesley College student, Catherine Bennett, expressed that her week went good as well but did face some obstacles last week.

“My week went good,” she said, “But it was overwhelming due to transitioning to a bigger school.”

Wesley College is a 50-acres campus compared to Delaware State University which is a 356-acres campus.

While, both women are currently enjoying their time here at Delaware State University, they both miss Wesley College.

“I miss the closeness,” Albanese said, “I get to see some familiar faces, but not many from the media department.”

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