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DSU Students Adjusting to the “New Normal”


As the 2021-2022 academic school year begins, Delaware State University opens its campus  to new and returning students after a year of virtual instruction.

 Aside from students settling in and adjusting back to in-person classes, the recent fusion of  Wesley College leaves many students with mixed emotions of what is now being known as the “new normal.”

Now that Delaware state university has an additional campus, a good amount of students find themselves having to commute from the main campus to attend class. A senior named Ariana Jarvis expresses her frustration with the commute by saying “since I’ve been back, I was told that my classes would be moved to Wesley campus. So every morning I have to drive to the other campus which is really annoying.”Another senior, Steph Hudson, explains how being a transfer student and moving on campus has its worries; she states that “ My transition to the “new normal” was something I used to be worried about. Coming from a small community college then going into a lockdown, then to Delaware State University, I often wondered how I would adjust. How will I meet new people? How will I feel being back in a classroom again? How will this new change affect me?” 

As students scramble to get adjusted some are hopeful and are actually enjoying the change. As for Junior, Zekiah Mackey, she is appreciative of what DSU is doing for their students, she explains that “I do love all the safety precautions that DSU is taking. As we are all navigating through this pandemic I feel as though DSU is giving us the best experience that other colleges have not.” 

Throughout the various encounters with the new normal here at Delaware State University, students continue to thrive and adapt to what will hopefully one day be the norm for everyone

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