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Recap of “I LOVE DSU” Week

Angel Jordan

Delaware State University Campus Activity Board created a week full of events for students during the traditional “I Love DSU Week.” During I Love DSU Week, students attended five events: Hornet Carnival, DSU Trivia, Basketball Tournament/Court Vibes, Speed Buzzing and “Welcome to My House Party” Pajama Party.  

Delaware State University I LOVE DSU WEEK Schedule

The Hornet Carnival was hosted on Sunday, August 29th. Due to inclement weather. The Hornet Carnival was combined with another event on campus for first-year students, called the Freshman Lock-In on the soccer field. The Carnival consisted of games, trampolines, music, and performances. “Way to bring the year in for my senior year,” said Senior Mineeya Miles.  

Delaware State University CAB (Campus Activity Board) hosts DSU Trivia for I LOVE DSU WEEK

“If you love DSU, you will love DSU Trivia,” said Senior Nia Hyacinth. DSU trivia was hosted by CAB on Monday, August 30th, for students to interact with student leaders. This event also gave students the opportunity to learn more about their HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). The history of Delaware State College, now known as Delaware State University, started back in 1890. Each round consisted of three questions about DSU. There was an easy, medium, and hard round. In each round there would be three names drawn out of a hat and these three people must answer each question correctly to win a prize.  

“Court Vibes was one to remember. Even though my team did not make it to the finals, the Basketball Tournament was the topping of my week,” said Junior Angelo Jordan. The Basketball Tournament was on Tuesday, August 31st , located on the basketball courts in front of the student center, where ten teams went head-to-head. All teams were created by students to win a friendly game of basketball.  

Delaware State Unversity CAB (Campus Activity Board) Hosts Speed Buzzing for I LOVE DSU WEEK

Speed Buzzing was hosted on Thursday, September 2nd. Speed Buzzing is essentially similar to Speed Dating; however, this event was created for students to network amongst one another. The goal of Speed Buzzing was to allow students to get to know each other despite their classifications. CAB welcomed all classes such as Freshmans, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. “Overall, the event was highly successfully, and everybody interacted with one another which was our initial goal” said Senior Angel Jordan. 

“Welcome to My House Party” Pajama Party was hosted on Friday, September 3rd by Kidd Meech and DJ Cale. This is the first time Delaware State University has hosted a party outside in the parking lot directly by the Football Field. Students were asked to participate in the theme of the party which was House Party the movie.” The outcome was absurdly great! We did not expect that many people to show up in their pajamas because of the weather. However, it was a great turnout,” said Senior Nia Hyacinth.  

Delaware State University’s I Love DSU Week was created by Campus Activity Board. To stay updated with more information on events happening on campus, follow @dsu_cab, you do not want to miss an event! 

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