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Shots Fired on Delaware State Campus

Kyasia Dixon

On Sunday, September 4, 2021, at approximately 1:00 and 1:20 am, shots were fired on the Delaware State University campus according to the university’s public safety.

DSU students celebrated their return back to campus, for the in person fall semester, with a series of different social events. This included a gathering at the basketball courts on the main campus. 

Delaware State University Basketball courts

It was reported by Delaware State students  that outsiders, who are not regularly allowed on campus attended this specific event, making it one of the largest gatherings on campus outside of the football game that was held only hours earlier.

 Kayla Jackson, a junior here on campus, gave her eyewitness testimony. “ At first public safety shut us down but once we got back up running It seemed like everybody was having a good time. “All I heard was shuffling and commotion and next shots being fired. We weren’t sure why or who exactly did it, we were just so scared and started running towards the car to exit the campus.”

The shooting did not injure anyone, but it did shatter the glass in the Newest building on campus – Tubman- Laws Hall, which just opened up for residency in Fall of 2019. Campus public safety is still unaware of who or what caused such a violent reaction and currently still has the matter under investigation.

Public safety is accepting tips from anybody with any prevalent information.  When speaking with a number of students and faculty  the common consensus was that safety on campus is a major concern for them at this time.  Some students are even going as far as to demand virtual classes only until the situation unfolds further.

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