A Rise In UFO Sightings

Imani Knight

Recently there has been a surge in U.F.O. sightings nationwide. U.F.O. is an abbreviated term
for “unknown flying object.” The sightings may be attributed to a variety of things, including flying

While many people may not believe in aliens, the sghitings are real and have been
validated by the government including CIA, The Department of Defense, U.S. Navy and more
reputable sources.

Nationwide sightings have increased by 1,000, which accounts as a rise of 16 percent yearly. In
certain areas like New York, numbers have doubled according to data from The National U.F.O.
Reporting Center. The spike in sightings are predicted to have correlation to the fact that more
people have had time to analyze the night’s sky since the Coronavirus pandemic.

Since March of last year (2020) when lockdowns were at its strictest, unknown flying objects
have even gained popularity on social media. Videos have gone viral on Tiktok gaining up to
millions of views. Now more than ever, people are likely to see videos and pictures of U.F.O.s.

The mystery behind what has been seen is probably what most people find interesting and
want explanations for. Because there is no certainty or wrong answers, many people gravitate
toward wanting to learn and see more. “What could it be ?” That is the question on everyone’s
mind and the reason for its gaining attention.

For some the answer may be extraterrestrials visiting Earth. For others, the flying objects can
be explained more simply like a glimmer of light. Ideas of conspiracy theories are also
circulating through the internet.

Widely circulated UFO Photo Released by The Pentagon.

In most instances people’s responses to seeing U.F.O.s either on the internet or in person are
lighthearted and fun. However, it can also be the source of fear for more skeptical on lookers.
Sometimes not knowing can bring about feelings of alarm within people. Others find it
entertaining or interesting.

The mystery may never be solved, but the rise in sightings cannot be denied or refuted due to
data. There is nothing new about unknown flying objects, so the mystery may never be solved.
Though it’s existence does serve as a great topic to be talked about, shared and deliberated upon.
The rise in sightings may continue to increase, but only time will tell if it can be attributed to
people staying home during the lockdown. When everything returns to being completely normal,
the data can be compared and contrasted. A full evaluation can be taken from the information and
may ease everyone’s mind.

After surviving a pandemic, nothing can be ruled out because so many people have lived
through a time that is more rare than anything ever experienced. For many, lockdown drew
parallels to something that could be seen in a movie. It is possible the information or events
found about the U.F.O.s will be just as taboo.

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