Longest day of the year signifies the beginning of summer

Imani Knight

Although for many people summer seemed to have started long before now. Actually summer officially started on Sunday, June 20, 2021.

On this day the summer solstice began at exactly 11:32pm Eastern Standard Time. It was at this time that the Earth was tilting mostly toward the Sun. The Northern Hemisphere got more daylight that any other day of the year and the shortest night.

Summer Solstice can be celebrated to bring in the season in many ways. Some examples include, spending the day at the beach and exercising outside.

The longest day of the year can be taken full advantage of. Historically, it usually has been celebrated and honored by people since the ancient civilizations. Even in current day, cultures around the world celebrate it by organizing festivals.

Two people were asked how they were going to honor summer solstice and both were unaware of it being honored. However, after giving them a brief description on what it was, they started thinking of things to do. One stated “I guess I can have a small barbecue with friends and family.” The other mentioned “I’ll definitely be taking advantage of the longest day of the year in some way.”

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