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Summer Classes Start at DSU

Imani Knight

Since the Spring 2021 semester ended, summer courses have begun at Delaware State University.

The summer courses are broken up into three divisions the first session, dual session, and the second section.

These classes are made available to DSU students from May 17th through July 23rd, 2021.

The classes are being held virtually, continuing in the same format as this academic
year’s fall and spring semesters. The purpose of taking summer courses are various and can be
due to a number of reasons, but are an option for those interested.

One student decided to take advantage of taking college classes to, in her words, “expedite my
academic journey to graduation.” Taking an extra couple of classes during the summer break will
allow her to get more credits done by using time wisely. It only makes sense for some individuals
to allow themselves the opportunity to get ahead. Many students have similar thinking and
decided to take summer courses for the same reasoning.

DSU Students

Various DSU students were asked why they are taking summer classes and there
were many different responses. Some of the responses included raising ones GPA, improve a low
grade, taking classes because of interest, and using time constructively. One of the DSU
students said “I plan on enjoying my summer but it wouldn’t hurt to take a class or two, I can do

For those reasonings it is important that summer classes are available because if they were not,
many students wouldn’t be able to succeed the same. Summer courses wouldn’t be possible without the possible without the faculty and staff that dedicate their time and energy to helping students

Overall, students’ experiences with their summer courses have been generally good.
With the courses just beginning, many are still figuring out how to balance their time and other
responsibilities. However, all in all things are looking great for students taking classes and
academic achievement is possible for those that go after it.

Many students will continue to work virtually, which makes it easier to take summer
classes no matter your location.

Students on campus also have the option to work on summer courses.
Delaware State University led the nation in managing the pandemic and
continues to do so in academics.

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