COVID Vaccine Must Be Taken to Return Back To Normal

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It has been over a year since the COVID-19 virus sent the world into a lockdown and a frenzy. The events that ensued the lockdown will be talked about for decades. Now, it looks as if the world will be returning to what can be described as a “new normal.” Countries have started to return to pre-pandemic times and the United States is in the early stages of a vaccine.

Vaccination in the United States has started with those ages 50 and over and according to President Joe Biden, the plan is to have everyone vaccinated by “the 4th of July”, according to the White House. Despite this vaccine helping us return to normal, some people are still skeptical and fear what it could do to them.

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Vaccines have always been a big subject and the COVID vaccine is no different. To answer the biggest question that a lot of people may be wondering, the vaccine cannot make you sick. A lot of people are hesitant to take the vaccine because they want to see what the side effects look like when in fact, the side effects are minuscule at best. Since the vaccine doesn’t carry the actual virus in it, you cannot get sick from it.

There are multiple versions of the vaccine with all of them being at least “85% effective”, according to statnews, in preventing you from contracting the COVID-19 virus. Looking at these numbers, you have a higher chance of getting into a car accident than getting the virus after taking the vaccine. The vaccine should be looked at as a necessity to return to normal, not as a burden that should be taken care of.

The more that people take it, the more people will look to take it. It’s human nature to see how something may affect someone before performing a similar action which is why there was a trial stage for this vaccine. Another reason for the hesitancy on taking the vaccine can be connected to its recent arrival. Another thing about people is their reaction to something new, often bypassing it for something that has worked for a long time.

After becoming accustomed to wearing masks, you can find a lot of people who would rather continue to wear their masks instead of taking the vaccine. Funny enough, this is happening after the national outbursts that occurred when the mask requirement was put into place.

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The substitute to taking the vaccine would be to continue the mask mandate, but no one knows when that could end. All initial trials of the vaccine have been more than positive and as more people look to take it, more results will come.

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