College is Worth the Cost

Sandra Santiago

College equals education and it also equals money. Attending college sometimes means loans and money out of pocket. In some cases, students are granted scholarships and grants to help pay for college.  Students who attend college want a higher education. College is and will be worth the cost.

A college degree can mean a better job but not always. According to Forbes Advisor “While a college degree is often promoted as a path to prosperity, it can be tougher than you’d expect on the job market. The average starting salary for college graduates right out of school is about $51,000, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. And if you have hefty student loan debt that exceeds your income, you may struggle to make ends meet.” A higher education is not always going to pay off. There is the possibility in making more money, but where is that money going to end up? That’s right, to pay off college debt and loans.

A high school degree can go so far in certain jobs. Most jobs look for people who have a college degree. According to Forbes Advisor “Georgetown University predicts that 70% of all jobs will require some college education by 2027. Without higher education on your resume, it may be more difficult to find a high-paying job, and competition for available opportunities will be fierce.” A higher education is needed for a better pay and job. A better paying  job will help to pay off any debt or loans that one could have.

First-hand experience is not always a good thing. The moment a college student start to get experience that can take a sharp turn. According to Ramsey “51% of Americans who pursued education beyond high school would consider changing their degree type, institution or major.  If you’re not 100% sure about what you want to do, you could end up making quick decisions about your college education that you’ll regret later.” Firsthand experience can be a one-way street to changing majors. Changing majors can mean more money and more time in college.

College is not going to be full of exams, homework and class work. College gives people the chances to get hands-on experiences. According to Ramsey “In college, you’re not just learning concepts and taking exams. Your classes help you build skills you’ll need in the workforce, like problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork and organization. Yeah, you could gain this experience in other ways, but it’s part of what makes the college experience a good investment for a lot of people.” Firsthand experience can be a one-way ticket to experience how life can be after graduating college. Firsthand experience can also give people an advantage when looking for a job after college.

College students tend to make more money. However, at the same college students are losing money. According to ProCon.org ” About 44 million Americans owe more than $1.5 trillion in student debt. 45% of people with student loan debt say college was not worth it. 10% of students graduate with over $40,000 in debt and about 1% have $100,000 in debt.” Student debt will end up taking any money coming in from a college student. The moment that money reaches one’s hand it will vanish to pay off school debt.

Graduates of college tend to make more money. More money can mean a lot like paying off student debts. According to ProCon.org “The average college graduate makes $570,000 more than the average high school graduate over a lifetime. Career earnings for college graduates are 71% to 136% higher than those of high school graduates. College graduates earn an average of $78,000, a 75% wage premium over the average $45,000 annual earnings for workers with only a high school diploma.”

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Money and college go hand and hand; money is usually the key factor in the question of whether college is worth it or not. To answer that question, college is worth the cost. The good always outweighs the bad in this case and the bad is money, but the good is the higher education, better job, and better pay. There is always going to be a concern about money, in anything a person does, that is what is called a risk. So, college will be a risk people take and can end up with student debt or loans, but without risk, there is no reward. The reward here will be the degree and the knowledge that was obtained in college.

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