Behind The Mind of N.U.M.B: An Interview With Quanda Campbell

Nia Campbell

Quanda Campbell posing for her Instagram. (Photographer: Omikunle Ekundayo)

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing my older sister and mentor, Quanda Campbell. I sat down with her to discuss her new business venture entitled N.U.M.B (Never Undermine My Beat). N.U.M.B is an operative, black-owned holistic consulting company that centers on wellness and health for its customers. The simpatico entrepreneur goes on to explain the inspiration behind her brand, the heresy behind what comes with running a business and her advice on potential business owners who are questioning their next move.

Q: Is there someone or something specifically that influenced you to start N.U.M.B?

A: The inspiration behind N.U.M.B started with [the] influence of my background of teaching, choreographing and creative directing. More so, it was my need and desire to become an affluent black woman. 

Q: Why did you start N.U.M.B?

A: While there were so many spaces to practice wellness and to obtain those practical skills, I didn’t see it being under one house. So that is when I decided to step into my role of a person who practices spirituality, has a high regard for culture, and wants to bring the arts together to determine what is important for my people. And when I say my people, I mean “brown folk”. How do I help my people become better and more affluent with their skill sets?

Campbell posing in promotion of Never Undermine My Beat (Source: Instagram)

Q: What would you consider the best or worst part of operating your own business?

A: The healing and restoration of the humane parts of brown and black people especially during a time where we are constantly fighting for our lives within this society. So, I am humbled when I get to the come into the presence and come into the the servitude of my people outside of just teaching them things.

Q: What piece of advice would you offer to someone who is on the fence about starting their own business?

A: Build a team and have great council.. You should actively be trying to learn and engage to explore new things. You are apart of a tribe that is willing to teach you some things, willing to share some things with you and is willing to hold you up by the bootstraps and hold you accountable. I am nothing without my council, without my leadership, without the people I can lean on.

Campbell and Energy Massage Master and Teacher, Walter Cantey hard at work, massaging their clients. (Source: Instagram)

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