How to Study for Exams in College

Sandra Santiago

Feeling overwhelmed? Having trouble getting organized? Feeling like there isn’t enough time? People start to feel that way when exams start up. These are all totally understandable reactions. However, a person doesn’t have to feel that way anymore because there are methods and tips to help study for exams.

According to The Learning Center of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “Many students realize that their high school study habits aren’t very effective in college. This is understandable, as college is quite different from high school. The professors are less personally involved, classes are bigger, exams are worth more, reading is more intense, and classes are much more rigorous. That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you; it just means you need to learn some more effective study skills.”

Studying for an exam for college is completely different than studying for a test for high school. College students tend to have much more work on their plates. They also have more classes to attend and that means more exams. Then to top it all off, most exams for classes are on the same day.

The most common study skills that people practice are taking notes, having their work organized, study at least thirty minutes to an hour for each class, and not waiting to the last minute to ask for help. These are some excellent study skills points. Notes in college are your saving grace at times. Note organization is key for studying. There is a lot to take in at times so time is important. The moment that one does not know or understand something, it is smart to ask a teacher or classmate for help.

A few college students were asked about their study habits. They were asked: How long do they study for? How many classes do they take? Do they study alone or in groups? Do they think their study habits work for them?

Jenna Anderson, Sophomore at Delaware State University, responded that “Well I usually study or try to study for at least ten minutes. I’m taking six classes this semester and I like to study alone. And yes, I do think my study habit works for me I like to highlight the notes, while repeating the notes to myself so I can remember.”

Fabiola Nicole, student at Delaware State University, said “I study for two to three hours. I took four classes last semester. I prefer to study alone. I work better that way. Yeah, my study habits do work for me. I just try to make a big review for the test and study the night before than an hour before a test.”

According to Fremont College “8 effective study tips for college students are 1. Take good notes, 2. Review your notes every day, 3. Alternate study locations, 4. Get enough sleep, 5. Use flash cards, 6. Join a study group, 7. Don’t immerse yourself in subject matter, and 8. Don’t wait until the night before an exam to study.”

Graduate student Amanda Santiago, who attends Delaware State University, said “I usually study two to three hours a day. I’m taking five classes this semester. I study alone- groups are too distracting for me. I think my study habits could improve. The reason why is because sometimes I do not spend enough time working on things I should.”

There are some great tips and skills when it comes to studying for a college exam. These skills will help change study habits and improve them. High school studying is way different from college studying. These helpful tips will help you stay stress free.

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